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Online neighborhood research tool which helps anyone who is relocating or moving research lifestyles, schools, what's nearby, and crime/safety of an area before even getting in the car.


We're from Detroit, but our software covers the entire United States.


We were in a brainstorming session with some of the leaders of Quicken Loans when the idea of a Carfax Report for the house was mentioned. We then started with that idea, did some surveys, interviews and focus groups and narrowed down what someone moving or relocating wants, not related to the house. What we found was that people had a hard time finding information on the location they were moving to. They wanted to know about the schools, what was nearby, the crime in the area, and who was living in the area. So, we created PicketReport.com to cater to those needs. We wanted a cool tool that everyone could easily use and get all the information without having to go to multiple different places.

Where we get our data from

We are a data aggregation company that takes existing data and compiles it into a visually appealing format. We work with companies that pull from over 300 sources to provide over 100 million data points for lifestyle, schools, neighborhood, and crime information. Since they focus on specific areas of data, we are able to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information in each field we provide.

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