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On Monday, the Bombay High Court directed Sunder the elephant to be moved to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center near Bangalore where the elephant will be treated for his injuries and live in peace reported the

The Court also rejected a petition which challenged the earlier decision to move Sunder to a sanctuary.

Sunder was ordered moved in 2012, but has continued to be chained and beaten in Kolhapur, India. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) began a campaign to appeal to the legislative assembly of the Indian State of Maharashtra and the leader of Jan Surajya Shakti Party to release Sunder.

Dr. Manilal Valliyate, the director of veterinarian affairs for PETA stated:

"Sunder was known to have suffered physical abuse and being chained, loneliness and misery for almost a decade. We are grateful to the court order for his release."

Although a definitive date was not given, the Bombay High Court suggests the move be done before monsoon season which runs from June to September. JS Saluja stated they will coordinate Sunder's move with his Musth condition (aggressive behavior characteristic of elephant's mating season).

Humane activists, including film star Pamela Anderson and Sir Paul McCartney appealed to the state forest minister Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam, with proof of Sunder's horrendous living conditions and the cruelty the animal was forced to endure, as he lived in isolation for the last seven years in the Jyotiba Temple.

Let's hope this time Sunder finally finds the kindness and physical rehabilitation he so desperately needs.

Read more about Sunder's plight by clicking here.

On the Facebook page, Free Sunder, animal advocates are optimistic; hoping this time that Sunder finally finds his freedom. One poster writes:

"Here's to Sunder's beautiful new chapter. May it come ever so soon."

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