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Massage therapy is a practice that helps to relieve pain, relax and heal the body. The cost can be quite expensive for an hour long massage which deters many from pursuing this form of healing. If this is your dilemma, I have good news for you. Post Falls is home to Thermal Pressure Massage and offers a 40 minute massage for only .

Pavel and Galina Grishko started their Thermal Pressure Massage business in Spokane in 2003. In 2012 they moved to Post Falls, Idaho. Galina said what initially sparked their interest in the thermal massager was her husband, Pavel's, bad back. He was facing back surgery when he decided to try an alternate form of healing by using the Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massager. He found such relief that he actually purchased his first machine. Since then, they have purchased other massager's and began their business.

Nancy, a client I spoke with at Thermal Pressure Massage, said she uses the beds to relieve her back pain. Due to a diving accident as a teenager, Nancy has lived with back pain for many years. The Ceragem has provided great relief for her. Besides helping back pain there are many other benefits of using the Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massager:

Relieve joint painRelieve muscle painRelaxation of musclesEnergy boostSleep is enhancedIncrease in blood circulationRelaxes musclesReduce stress

I was invited to try the Ceragem while I was there. I can tell you from personal experience that this machine is fantastic. The way it works is that you lay on the bed face up and a warming pad is placed on top of you. Below you, the pressure point rollers in the bed begin moving along your spine while distributing heat. The spine is stretched and relaxed by the movement of the rollers. The pressure can be adjusted to your liking. It is 40 minutes of complete relaxation.

Thermal Pressure Massage is located at 780 N. Cecil Road Ste. 105 in Post Falls. They are open Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturday. For more information and business hours call them at 208-457-0999.

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