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You care about your man, but at times it can feel as if he is drifting away from the relationship. Don’t let he’s drifting stress you out. There are ways to keep him intrigued about you, the relationship and get him to commit more to you.

Many women complain that men drift away in the relationship ( you’re not alone). Some say their men drift away, come back but return to the habit of drifting when they realize they don’t have to make too much effort toward the relationship because the women always take them back.

Luckily, men aren’t as complicated as we think. When a man truly wants you, he wants you and he’ll do anything to have you - including standing as a real man rather than a scared little boy. It gets better. You don’t have to work hard to inspire him to make that change and keep to it.

So what’s the magical thing you have to do to keep him from drifting away?

You have to inspire him to not just do the minimum to keep you around. Yes, there are guys out there that will give you the title of girlfriend just to shut you up about making a stronger commitment to the relationship. Yes, there are guys out there that date with intent to hang onto their freedom, their options. Don’t let a man giving you a temporary title of girlfriend or fiancee fool you ladies. Until a man commits sharing his life with you - marriage, family and life goals…you’re just his option.

Don’t fall for the ‘I need time’ or I’m not ready.’ Excusing his poor behavior could make you end up in a relationship of 2, 5, or 8 years long… going nowhere. You need to make him feel truly connected to you for him to straighten up his act.

But how do you connect with him? Often at times men and women are attracted to someone because the person reminds them of their father or mother in some shape or form. Yes, that includes having poor relationships with your parents.

You have to find out why he is attracted to you. Is he attracted to you for positive reasons? Yes, you can get a man to be attracted to you by looking beautiful,but that’s not lasting. A romantic relationship moves forward to commitment when there’s a real connection there. It can happen from being with someone for a long period of time or noticing good qualities.

So what’s the point?

You need to love yourself and he will learn to loved you. So when he drifts away, don’t hold back your feelings and don’t panic. When he drifts away, work on yourself. If he cares, he will call. And when he comes back, don’t be upset with him. Let him trust you. It’s okay to feel. Teach him it’s okay to feel by showing your feelings in a positive way.

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