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Yes, the title is a tongue twister, but basically describes what is going on here. Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter made his comments on the interview George Weigel had with Fr. Raymond Arroyo (who does not wear his Roman collar) on EWTN on The World Over. You can see the commentary at You can see the interview at Here are my comments.

Most Catholics have not difficulty in identifying Weigel's point of view. It is loudly proclaimed in many diocesan weekly newspapers - although less so when he brought out red and gold pens to attack Caritas in Veritate. You just know when Weigel goes on EWTN on any issue, it will be a disaster for truth. I save myself the moral embarrassment of such things.

While the right is correct that how we deal with immigration is a matter for prudential judgement - that should mean we need to push the Democratic version to the left - as it is way too punitive to not offend the Christian tradition. Indeed, if we wish to really stop undocumented immigration, we would end immigration restrictions on employment entirely while repealing right to work laws - taking the incentive away to hire workers in the shadows - although some foreign labor may still be required it should be safe and well paid. Of course, forcing Weigel and his ilk to face such a choice would likely have him (them) foaming at the mouth about property rights and capitalism (like good Calvinists) - when such things are not found in the Catholic tradition at all as sacred cows.

Finally, Weigel does not agree with any act of solidarity. He wants subsidiarity alone (which on immigration and its regulation by states the Surpeme Court has disallowed). Again, a total misreading of Catholic doctrine by someone who should know better. As MSW says, he is more a Republican than a Catholic.

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