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cheap jordans for women An artist rendering of the proposed Grand Reserve at Pelham luxury apartment complex on Huntley Parkway south of the Publix shopping center near Shelby County Road 52 shows the development that previously had 232 units but has been downsized to 184 units. (File photo)

-- Developers of a high-end apartment complex on Huntley Parkway will fundconstruction of a free-flowing right-turn lane to access Interstate 65northbound as a way to improve morning traffic on nearby County Road 52.

Pelham City Council members at tonight's meeting that includedfirst reading of the apartment plan's two needed rezoning ordinances hope theturn lane combined with reprogramming the road's traffic signals will helpaddress concerns about vehicle congestion.

The council held a roughly 35-minute public hearing atthe conclusion of the regular meeting to gain public comment about the apartmentcomplex known as The Grand Reserve at Pelham. A handful of people whoquestioned the plan focused on traffic.

Under an agreement with the city, the developers will payfor the turn lane that will allow vehicles traveling westbound on County Road52 to turn onto Interstate 65's northbound on-ramp without having to stop forthe traffic signal at the intersection.

"You're not going to have to stop back here on 52 to geton the interstate in the future," traffic consultant Darrell Skipper saidduring the hearing. "That is going to reduce the stacking that occurs on 52 andthe backup we have now."

Additionally, the four traffic signals between Highway 11and the northbound on-ramp will be reprogrammed to better respond to morningtraffic flow. "We have a lot of traffic signals in a short span of space rightthere and quite frankly they are not doing their job," Skipper said.

The council at its next meeting April 21 plans to holdsecond reading and vote on the requested rezoning ordinances that will pave theway for the apartment's development.

C A Enterprises LLC and SAC LLC, both companies whoserepresentatives are property owners Al Awtrey and Eugene Cole, have requestedrezoning the land on Huntley Parkway to PR-3 Planned Multiple Family Districtfor the planned apartment complex.

The rezoning specifically addresses one parcel that's14.83 acres and another that's 3.67 acres. Steven Corbett and Juston Trimbackare proposing to build the 184-unit apartment complex directly south of thePublix shopping center near County Road 52.

The developers are proposing a smaller apartment complexconsisting of 184 units, compared to the initial plan of 232 units. The smallerplan would not require a variance on the project's proposed residentialdensity.

The Pelham Planning Commission has . Planning Commissioner Kim Speorl told the council tonight thedevelopers have responded to the numerous recommendations made by the board.

Council President Rick Hayes said traffic studiesshow the planned improvements to County Road 52 will help with morning trafficflow. "Coordinating the lights, adding the additional lane, you've got to doeverything to address that," he said. "It will be better than it is today."

Councilwoman Karyl Rice made a motion to suspendrules in order to approve the ordinanceat tonight's meeting prior to the public hearing. The motion failed to receive a second.

"I do think every 'I' has been dotted, every 'T' has beencrossed. Every single thing that has been asked of these gentlemen has beenaddressed," Rice said.

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