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Flattery will get you anywhere, especially in dating. But there's something even more essential to getting what you want in dating. What's that? The power pose of dating.

Yes, having your own signature power pose can help you grab the attention of the one you desire.

One of the best power poses you can do when you talk to someone you're attracted to is the power pose where your legs are spaced out wide and your hands are on your hips. You have seen Beyonce and other powerful women position their hands on their hips. Yes, it's for a reason.

The power pose position can help you change your body chemistry in a way that increases your testosterone levels to a point you're more confident, happy and stress free. When you really think about it, dating is just one big business negotiation. If you feel like you have the power to get what you want, you'll get what you want.

Practice your power pose today. Just think Wonder Woman stature when you're not sure whether you're doing your power pose right.

Huge fan of Beyonce. So, watch this Sunday's Grammys... Beyonce will perform her single 'Drunk in Love' . And you can count on her showing you the power pose.

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