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NBA playoff standings 2014 news has the Oklahoma City Thunder as the new No. 1 team in the West. These updated 2014 NBA playoff standings come from early Thursday morning (Jan. 23), the morning after OKC knocked off the San Antonio Spurs on the road. The 111-105 victory helped the team pass the Spurs in the standings, helping them nab that top spot for now.

Boston Celtics Complete Big Trade

Those two teams are separated by just half a game, though, meaning things could still change down the stretch. The 31-11 Portland Trail Blazers are at No. 3, the 29-15 LA Clippers are at No. 4, and the 29-15 Houston Rockets are at No. 5. The Rockets have won eight of their last 10 games to make a run up the standings and could threaten to win the division if it keeps up. Finishing out the West are the 26-17 Golden State Warriors at No. 6, the 24-17 Phoenix Suns at No. 7, and the 25-19 Dallas Mavericks at No. 8.

In the 2014 NBA playoff standings for the Eastern Conference, things aren't quite as rosy. There are at least five teams with records above .500 now though. The 33-8 Indiana Pacers lead the conference with the best record in the entire league. They are three and a half games ahead of the 30-12 Miami Heat for the top spot. Then comes the 22-19 Atlanta Hawks at No. 3, the 21-20 Toronto Raptors at No. 4, and the 21-20 Chicago Bulls at No. 5. Filling out the last three slots are the 20-21 Washington Wizards at No. 6, the 18-22 Brooklyn Nets at No. 7, and the 19-25 Charlotte Bobcats at No. 8.

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