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Yoga teacher, Biofeedback therapist and BodyTalk practitioner Lyn Delmastro is hosting a free one hour class on February 11, 2013 in Portland titled "Yoga for Pain and Strain Relief".

Delmastro has worked with students who struggle with chronic pain resulting from conditions such as arthritis reap benefits from utilizing yoga therapy. Chronic pain and strain can be debilitating. Pain medication may alleviate the pain but can have complications if used long-term as tolerance builds up. By incorporating yoga therapy as a pain management tool, some people have found relief without resorting to medication.

Other benefits of yoga therapy include the exercise of muscles without the risk of injury. For those who have never tried yoga but are curious, this free class provides an introductory experience to sample the advantage of yoga therapy into one's lifestyle. Even those who have tried classes before but are interested in having a yoga practice that makes their body feel better, this event is worth checking out.

Yoga therapy can be provided in individual sessions. Delmastro believes that group classes are not for everyone. For those who enjoy her free class on February 11, one-on-one sessions are definitely an option with Delmastro.

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