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There is a distinct inequality in the workplace, and it has long been a sore spot in the hearts of the female populous. These days, not only do women have to compete for success with their male counterparts, they also to need compete with each other. Technical aptitude, communications skills and leadership qualities are not the only things that can hinder progress up the proverbial ladder in the workplace. Dressing for the desired role is just as important. Below are some tips to consider.

Young female professionals should not wear tight or revealing clothing. Not only is it inappropriate to dress that way in most workplaces, it’s also a surefire way to get oneself noticed for all the wrong reasons. Successful women in the office wear stylish clothing without looking like they are going out to a nightclub first thing in the morning. Remember, less is often more.

On the flipside, older professional women should not wear clothing that is dowdy or ill-fitting. Don’t wear something that looks like it should have been retired years ago. A few simple basic pieces paired with colorful blouses can make up an entire wardrobe. Can’t find anything stylish in the store to buy? Then shop online and take advantage of the free shipping opportunities. Save gas and time, which is something most busy working women don’t have enough of these days.

Try to keep accessories such as jewelry, makeup and perfume to a minimum. Be considerate of co-workers as all these things can be distracting and take away from job performance. While it’s important to maintain a standard, most workplaces don’t require their female populous to be fashion models. Clean and pressed clothes, polished shoes, and a stylish handbag are really all that are necessary.

Showing up to work dressed slovenly or inappropriately shows others that one doesn't care. It is a distraction and can ultimately hinder success. Co-workers will work better together when everyone feels good about the way they look. Appearance really does matter, regardless of the workplace environment. Save the mini-skirts for the nightclubs and the torn jeans for the housework. Create the total package and dress for the role you want in the workplace.

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