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A cat shows love when they purr, squeeze their eyes shut, head-butt and curl up next to or on us

Cats appreciate you providing food and shelter and his/her natural instinct is to show this positive reception.

Unless a cat has had a painful history with humans, he/she will seek out his/her owner for affection in the form of stroking, play sessions, or even a cat-chat.

True, felines often do what pleases them and show affection to their owners on their own terms. For this reason some claim cats are uncommitted, unloving and not the least bit demonstrative. Cats just plain are not dogs.

Cats develop strong attachment to their owners. There are several known cases where the owner had to leave, or passed away, and the cat showed signs of anguish. Cats have been known to sit at the owner’s bedroom door meowing. They go into seclusion. They even rebuff offers of food. Some completely healthy cats have had such a sturdy attachment that they just died after the loss of their owner, the cause seeming to be that of a broken heart.

The most extraordinary evidence that cats love humans comes from the many acknowledged cases where cats traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles through places they never been to locate their owners.

Cats have limits and are not all that forgiving; yet they are loyal, as shown by the long journeys many have taken to come back home.

Cats also have been reported to risk their lives for their owners. One feline fought off a poisonous snake and took the bite that was meant for her owner. Another cat jumped out a window right after his owner fell out--the cat was injured, but survived.

Countless cat owners stated that their cat knows when they are troubled and will give comfort. Cats have even licked away teardrops from their owner’s faces

Those who give love and devotion to their cats get the same in return—often ten times more!!

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