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Richard Herrera: “Of course not. We don't agree but it's freedom of speech. It won't be the last time someone says something offensive. We move on. That's life.” 

Marty Richman: “No. If NFL teams cut every player who used a racial or religious slur in verbal battles, locker rooms, on the field, or when they were drinking, hardly anyone would be left to play football; however, it is a problem. Unfortunately, talking trash and using slurs has become "hip" in too many circles especially among entertainers and athletes who are often admired and parroted by the young. The idea that it's all about 'context' is nonsense - all slurs come with baggage. I do not believe in political correctness, but the whole genre has nothing to do with that, it's just insulting and stupid.” 

Nants Foley: “We should stop using sports figures as role models. They are human beings, as flawed as the rest of us. I am sorry he is racist and arrogant. His team should sanction him as they see fit. He tarnished their image.”

Ruth Erickson: “He should be heavily fined, make a sincere apology, and be suspended for a period.”

Mary Zanger: “Yes. Our society and culture are changing. Those who resist change need to learn from their mistakes. Degrading and demeaning others is not allowed in society.”

Richard Place: “I'm afraid they would have to cut most of the team.  What if one of the black players used the term honky? Let's get real. He was drunk and used pro sports trash talk. We've worked 50 years to be color blind and some political groups want to start the racist thing all over again.”

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