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The problem with the AHCA is that it does not reduce the costs, it just shifts them to someone else. It's like 'affordable housing' - there is no free lunch, if someone pays less than market rate, someone else has to pay more than market rate to make up the difference. If I pay to make someone else's home more affordable, mine becomes less affordable to me.

Personally, I always want someone else to pay my bills - and I've managed to get that in many cases, but I want more and I want to pay less of someone else's bills (how is that for honesty?).

Got a cute email today, it wanted to know why the government is always saying that we are running out of money for Social Security - a contribution system - but they never say we are running out of money for welfare - a non-contribution system? The truth is that SS has been a cost shifting system for many decades, but we old people want young people to support us. Same goes for healthcare.

One of the nation's biggest heathcare expenses came in under the Republicans, Medicare Part D, which costs billions, much if it to subsidize people (90%) who can well afford their medications. What the government could have and should have done is have the government become the nation's wholesale distributor of prescription drugs. When purchased in bulk, these drugs are cheap, when purchased in small quanitities they are outrageously expensive.

A large part of that expense is that fact that it can cost BILLION to get a drug approved to market and BILLIONS more in liability insurance under the stupid 'no risk' policy of the FDA (keeps them employed) and the idiotic tort system where everyone is allowed to sue everyone.

Medications should be evalauted on a benefit versus risk and benefit versus cost basis, But we do not do that, we go for the politicial, whch rock star is supporting whch disease foundation? The biggest tax break in the American economy according to a very liberal organization (Center for American Progress) is the fact that employer paid heath insurance premiums are tax free to the employees.

To put it into local prespective, the ,000 average per city employee (working form memory) and ,000 average county employee are receiving in heathcare premiums are totally TAX FREE income. As I pointed out the county owes million in CATCH UP payments for lifetime 100% retiree care premiums (the city owes less than 0,000, but it's not chicken feed).

To wrap up - it all depends on whose ox is being gored and who got the political payoff, the AHCA is no different. That's why big business got a 1 year reprieve and they are dropping coverages like hot coals, and that's why the yong, healthy, individuals are getting hosed.


Marty Richman

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