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Nants Foley: “I am biased ... I am a Giants and 49er fan. Love those parades!”

Jim West: “No, not when municipalities are laying off essential teachers, police and fire personnel. Parades and celebrations are not money makers, nor do they contribute to the public health, safety or welfare.  Moreover, not all taxpayers care about sports.”

Richard Place: “The Giants parade should be funded part by the City and part by the Visitors and Convention Bureau. S. F. has a 10% hotel tax which is split between the City and the Visitors bureau. I believe they had close to a million visitors for the day, so I’m sure a large percentage stayed the night, which would help offset the costs.”

Louise Ledesma: “The Giants should probably contribute to part of the cost, especially for security. The sales tax revenue brought by the million plus people should bring in enough money to cover the rest. The parade was awesome and I'm looking forward to next year.”

Ruth Erickson: “The teams should be responsible for a percentage of the costs. Businesses in those cities profit when hundreds of thousands of fans visit, stay, travel, eat, purchase gifts and team souvenirs, leading to taxes for the cities. Some of those taxes pay the municipal workers for the costs related to parades and celebrations. On the other hand, if a politician, such as the president of the United States comes to a city to raise campaign funds and requires street closures, law enforcement, etc., those municipal costs should be paid from campaign funds not by the city or community!”

Mary Zanger: “Yes, municipalities should pay for the use of public venues for public parades. That is what taxpayers decide to do. Taxpayers decide to pay for something together, which they cannot pay for alone. That is what government is all about; together versus alone. So more trash accumulates for garbage collectors and more overtime accumulates for policemen. Turning a profit has nothing to do with it. Serving the public has everything to do with it. Sending the bill to the Giants seems a little inhospitable to me. Misbehavior is unsportsmanlike conduct and should be fined.”

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