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tory burch bombe tote There's a new coupon from Crystal Light good for a off one purchase. But before you do let me share a few things with you.I used to drink Crystal Light all the time. Let me emphasis 'used to.'Crystal Light, and copy cat products, have become common in the diet industry. If you have ever tried to lose weight, you've heard the 'drink Crystal Light' so you can increase your water intake.That's a myth. Big weightloss companies like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers etc. say it's OK to drink this chemical concoction. However these drink mixes are full of artificial dyes, chemicals and fake sugars. Stuff your body doesn't need, especially if you want to detox and drop pounds. I cringed when someone offered my kids drink mixes so they would enjoy drinking the water I ordered for them at a restaurant. Of course the kids wanted it because they thought it would taste good, but later regretted their decision.If you want to lose weight simply drinking water is the best. Your body has to process all the junk you just mixed in that bottle or glass, then ingested.Don't believe me?Go to see 100 Days of Real Food's report on drink mixes.By the way, sports drinks are just as bad, possibly even worse.So tell me, do you want to print this coupon now?
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