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Does your family have a plan to cover the costs if someone needs nursing home or home care?

Do you have a Living Will that sets your instructions about artificial life support?

Both questions will be addressed at two free workshops Friday, April 11, for any Alabama resident.

Get Nursing Home Eligibility without Losing Your Home and Savings will be held in Anniston and Gadsden Friday, April 11. The Anniston workshop is at 10 a.m. at the Anniston City Meeting Center, 1615 Noble Street.

Gadsden workshop is at 2 p.m. at the Gadsden Senior Center, 623 Broad Street.

Topics include: Nursing home eligibility; protecting your home from a government lien; protecting your savings from nursing home spend-down; new plans for home care to stay out of a nursing home; and Veteran s eligibility.

Attendees also receive a free Living Will and instructions for its use.Reservations and directions are at 251-660-2060 or Church senior adults and other groups can make one contact to reserve for all their attendees.

Workshops are led by elder care planning attorney Jim Zeigler, author of the book, Don t Let the Government Take Grandma s Home and Life Savings. The family with a plan to cover elder care costs is miles ahead of the majority with no plan, Zeigler said. Many families have been told they waited too long and are too late to protect their assets. We have good news. We can still safeguard assets for seniors already in a nursing home or likely to go in soon, Zeigler said.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about eligibility for nursing home costs. Too many families do not have a proper plan to obtain eligibility and just lose their life savings and family home. The Living Will given to each attendee is the official Alabama form for advance directives. It sets the person s instructions for artificial respirators, feeding tubes and hydration tubes if the patient is ever terminal and unconscious. Details on the workshop and Living Will are at ZeiglerElderCare.comWorkshops are co-sponsored by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the League of Senior Voters. Information on workshop leader Jim Zeigler is at

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