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There have been 13 cases and counting now. Vehicles rushing along on Kansas City's highways suddenly randomly targeted by rifle shots.

There is no motive. No leads. And three people have been injured so far.

Now, the FBI has been called in.

According to the Associated Press, Kansas City s Chief of Police Darryl Fort sat down Monday with representatives from the FBI to discuss the 13 reported cases of vehicles being targeted by unknown gunmen.

Although three people have been hurt so far, none of the injuries were life threatening.

Some of the people didn t realize they were being shot at, so when the incidents were reported they were taken down as possible property damage, Capt. Tye Grant told the AP.

The incidents share similarities in location, timing and circumstances, but officials have been unable to retrieve any physical evidence that could connect them.

Meanwhile, Fort is set to continue meeting with representatives from the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is offering a ,000 reward for information leading to arrests.

How would you react if your city fell under siege by a random highway shooter, such as the one apparently on the loose in Kansas City?

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