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Let’s face it; the tech industry is mainly a man’s world. Most of Silicon Valley’s tech giants were started by men and it’s dominated by men. However, women are emerging and being recognized by tech giants in California. Just ask, Marissa Meyers, current CEO of Yahoo!

Such is the case of boutique web developing firm, GeekMasterZ, which has been around since 1998. Although its owner does not have a computer science degree, she learned web developing coding on her own.

According to its creator, GeekMasterZ started as a hobby. She began selling on eBay when text and not a similar MS Word Pad option, was still the norm. To highlight her auctions, she had to learn basic HTML tags and attended one of the first eBay University courses to learn this.

She took an introduction to web developing class at a community college, when Netscape Navigator Gold was still used to create basic web pages. Her curiosity grew and she was soon consulting with fellow online “nerds” and people she had never met face-to-face, to learn code.

GeekMasterZ’s founder was in awe when Napster’s Shawn Fanning, unraveled his peer-to-peer file sharing software. While pursuing a business degree, she began crafting her skill.

Some of GeekMasterZ’s accomplishments include an advertising media placement website, a personal blog, an e-commerce site, among others.

If you’re looking for a stellar web developer, you can contact GeekMasterZ using the “Contact Us” link.