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A new PC has that factory and out-of-the-box feel comparable to that new car smell when driving a recently-bought vehicle. Of course, while the novelty is nice, it’s not truly yours unless you give it your personal imprint. Much the same way you can give a car a touch of you by hanging a pair of cotton dice on the rearview mirror or placing a stuffed animal with suction cups on the window, you can truly call your PC your own by sprinkling it with your own creative touch.

Switch out the Wallpaper

The default Windows wallpaper is as generic as it gets. The wallpaper is the background that you are going to be seeing every time you log on or access your desktop icons, so might as well give your eyes a nice visual treat while you’re at it. There are desktop wallpapers all over the Web that you can download for free. Just go to Google Images and enter the keywords “wallpaper” followed by whatever specific theme you’re looking for. Consider some of the following wallpaper ideas for a backdrop:

• Nature• Inspirational quotes• Religion• Your favorite sports team• Space and the universe• Pics of characters or backgrounds from a movie, show or video game• Personal pics of you and your family/friends

You should also change the desktop image every few weeks or months to keep the background fresh. Also consider using a wallpaper switcher that will automatically swap out your wallpaper at preset intervals.

Organize Your Desktop Clutter

Your beautiful wallpaper will lose a lot of its appeal if it’s buried behind dozens of icons. The simplest way to straighten out the clutter is by organizing everything into folders. You can, for instance, create folders for word documents, PDFs, photos, videos and music. Not only does this make everything easier to locate but your desktop background won’t resemble a child’s messy bedroom.

Customize Your Start Menu

For some, the start menu is just the icon they click on when they are about to shut their PC off. However, the start menu is far more expansive and is also the go-to location for accessing your control panel, launching or uninstalling software, finding help and support, locating a misplaced file, or accessing a game of solitaire when you have nothing else better to do.

ReviverSoft’s Start Menu Reviver, for example, is a prime software application that provides ample customization options for the start menu. With the system, users can create the familiar and navigation-friendly platform they fell in love with in older Windows versions while retaining the more modern and sleek design seen in Windows 8. The very fact that Start Menu Reviver uses tile icons also makes it compatible with touchscreen devices. What’s more, users can add tiles that link to file folders, social media apps and their favorite websites.

Personalize Your Frequently Visited Websites

Okay, websites aren’t exactly a part of your desktop, but there are certain websites that you visit on a day-to-day basis. This includes your email account, your social media channels and a personal blog if you have one. It makes sense to personalize these sites if you are going to be visiting them daily. A few personal touches will distinguish your personal account and channel so that it doesn’t look like the hundreds of thousands of others that are already out there.

Create an Awesome Heads-Up Display

If you ever seen an aircraft being flown from the pilot’s view or assumed the role of pilot in a video game or simulator, it’s likely you also seen the instrument’s panel and data displayed on screen. This is known as a heads-up display (HUD). HUDs are becoming increasingly commonplace as a desktop background and provide both increased functionality and beautiful aesthetics. A display in this format allows multiple statuses, such as battery life, weather forecast, RSS feeds, Tweets and other information to be displayed without you having to open a specific file or visit a website to get the information. Rainmeter is an example of a site that provides HUD templates and customization options.

Your PC is your gateway to happenings around the world. It is your source for communication, news updates, paying your bills, making purchases and much more. It makes sense then to personalize the backdrop so that it is user-friendly while providing visual appeal that is fitting with your personality.

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