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Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, who died three days ago on April 6, 2014 at the age of 93, apparently disowned his children but word has it that they won’t have much to fight over!

The diminutive actor, who topped 5 feet 2 inches, disinherited his kids, his estranged wife Jan Chamberlain Rooney and all except one of his stepsons, Mark Rooney, who got all of the modest ,000 worth Rooney estate.

The actor reportedly signed his Last Will and Testament just weeks before his passing and put his lawyer Michael Augustine in charge of his estate, instead of his family. His lawyer explained that he had put him in charge of the estate so that he could help purchase a burial plot but unfortunately, Rooney could not afford to purchase it, despite an impressive 90-year acting career!

Due to an agreement signed earlier, his wife will however, be able to collect Rooney’s Social Security benefits and part of his pension. The couple had separated in May of 2013, though still legally married. Jan had also been living with son Christopher Aber, his wife Christine and their children Harrison and Hunter.

Born Joseph Yule, Jr. in Brooklyn, New York on September 23, 1920, Mickey Rooney got into acting at the tender age of 17 months as part of his parents Joe and Nellie’s vaudeville routine, wearing no less than a tuxedo designed especially for him! Acting in bit parts during his infancy thanks to his mother’s connections, by 1926, Rooney had starred as “The Nephew Mickey McBan” in a short comedic film “Not to Be Trusted,” opposite Katherine Perry, Allan Forrest and Sonny Day.

Rooney soon went on to starring in a series of shorts as “Mickey McGuire” through the rest of the 1920’s and mid 1930’s. Even in his bit parts, Rooney was cast with several big names such as Clark Gable, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Jean Harlow and Joel McCrea.

In fact, Rooney’s long career boasts some 338 acting credits, starring opposite many Hollywood greats. This year alone, Mickey was working on two films “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “Night at the Museum 3.”

Rooney reportedly died in his sleep at his stepson’s North Hollywood home in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, though his stepson Christopher Aber said that Rooney died of choking on his food and was being kept hostage by his brother Mark Rooney, according to the Daily Mail. Further allegations include mistreatment and being kept from seeing his wife Jan over the past year, who he said he still loved dearly, according to Aber.

The much-married actor, having had seven other wives, including his first, legendary actress Ava Gardner, is survived by his wife Jan, who he married in 1979, as well as eight surviving children (his son Tim Rooney died at age 59 in 2006), two stepchildren, nineteen grandchildren and many great-grandchildren.

As the wisest say, die poor, having fully enjoyed what you worked for. Hopefully, Mickey Rooney got to enjoy most of his actor’s fortune while he could during the best of his health!