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By Julie Griffin

I will write you letters that explain the way I'm thinking ~ And lay me down in the hollowed ground, down by your side I will stay, so lay me down ~

The source of silence as love, and with the hypothetical name of such a critique where the theme of the three caskets gave solicitation of the two goddesses, dumbness a pure essence for the one who loves but for whom a voice does not resonate. And just as the ninth story of the Grimm Fairy Tales exfoliate the girl virgin who even after married to a king, she must not speak, and must die in order to save her twelve brothers. Other folds of past mystery parables which sound a lot like the child stories of old, match at certain points of the dialectic spectrum. One place at which the by now grown girl child makes a decision to find her brothers by herself and even makes the bold statement that surely her death glad despite. Fortunately, her brothers both welcome and protect her. Sounding a lot like Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, the story icon changes vastly as she begins to care for and keep house for them. For this use, The Cake Eaters a 757 film releasing, this production also spoke of the one day a young lady found her lover.

But first, one day to stay where his father was, the male lover saw his past as some thought all the action lived at the helm of a big city and fast life, Georgia his one girl who although crippled by more than her emotions. Her gentle heart and even more gentle soul believed for something real, and that the boy had something to give. Not taking away things that belong to someone else, he found himself wanting to give her love and refuge where the name of streets still mean something. The star of the film, famed Twilight award winner and star Kristen Stewart, played alongside Aaron Stanford (Beagle), Jayce Bartok, Bruce Dern, and Elizabeth Ashley. Beagle for the grace of this critique represents the fairy tale analogy of the prince. Beagle who loves the character played by Stewart, the young woman named Georgia, works at her school cafeteria as a cook, and uses his free time, or what little of that other time to paint street signs.

Georgia Kaminski (Kristen Stewart) exercises her artistic free will by making a lovely black and white photography model for portrait artist and her relative chaperone. The same young woman, Georgia fears that she will die before being able to experience the luxury of really falling in love with a man. The Goddess of Death thus does surface as the ancient literary film device of the theme of three caskets. Whether Georgia represents the actual Goddess of Death here or death as a symbol of some kind of other loss, presents a challenge for thought, as another representation of the theme does also name merely a dead man. Also, for consideration for this kind of an approach, we see the Fates, the Moerae, the Parcae (the Norms), and the third, the Atropos.

In short, everything about the small town looks as perfect as the name of the film, The Cake Eaters which simply circled back to what other people of the town named those persons who planned out their whole entire lives. Cake eaters. The film which opened for the Tribeca Film Festival on April 29, 2007, and although did not seem to be given high ratings on the independent film circa, still appears as a great award winner, and even with the perfect and generous verbal and visual description of the story, the appearance of other props for the drama, from the old Victorian home with the natural water drip ceiling damage ~ to neighbors and people who actually take time to speak calmly with each other.

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