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On April 9, King, the world’s leading casual games company and creator of Candy Crush Saga, honored their latest best-selling mobile app game, Farm Heroes Saga with King’s #BeAFarmHero Urban Farming Pop-Up - an ode to urban farming right here in New York City. Actresses Jamie Lynn Sigler and Vanessa Lachey joined renowned landscape designer Rebecca Cole for a morning of fun, learning and relaxation in Flatiron Plaza.

Jamie Lynn Sigler and Vanessa Lachey posed with the Farm Heroes Saga Cropsie characters and enjoyed a “Grow Your Own Cropsie” class given by fellow attendee and Landscape Designer Rebecca Cole. Sigler and Lachey dueled each other in Farm Heroes Saga while at the event. Read our exclusive interview with Jamie Lynn Sigler below:

What brings to the event today?

I was a huge fan of Candy Crush, now I'm playing Farm Heros Saga. I really like the whole urban farming idea, because I grow my own produce in LA, and I think it's great to teach people here in Manhattan so they can do the same.

Do you have any tips for growing your own produce?

It's easier than you think, it;s a lesson. You have to take care of it, its a living thing, but it's rewarding when you see things grow and to enjoy them. It's important.

Do you like to grow your own plants organically?

Yeah! We have all of our pods in the back. We have kale, cucumbers, strawberries, all our herbs and spices.

So growing all this, do you even go to the grocery store anymore?

Yeah for some things, we don't have everything back there, but yes, we have to water them everyday and clean them out and blow the leaves and stuff every day. But it's part of my routine, it's exciting, it's something that I want to hopefully teach my son and get in a routine. Obviously he's too young at the moment, but when he's a little older, he can see how they grow, the cause and effect, and that he can eat them later, and all that stuff.

How often do you play the game?


Do you play many games?

Well I have a son to take care of and that limits me, but I do it between naps and right before I go to bed. We're staying in New York right now, and we're staying in the same room, so I can't watch TV. So I just play it on my phone until I go to sleep.

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