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What leads a 16 year-old student to go on a stabbing spree a week before spring break? That is the question that so many of us ask after a senseless stabbing spree left so many victims hospitalized and a student in critical condition. Today the suburb of Murrysville, PA saw mayhem at their high school that rocked and shattered their idyllic world on a beautiful spring day. NBC News says that some quick-thinking students kept many high school classmates alive after the stabbing incident. This news was reported today on April 9 by NBC News.

"A high school sophomore described how she saw her schoolmate collapse with a knife wound during Wednesday's stabbing spree in Murrysville, Pa., and then tried to keep him conscious by talking to him about the spring dance," added NBC News.

"We're going to go to prom and have so much fun and you're going to be OK," Kristen Beard said she told her injured friend, according to the report.

Beard, 16, was in the hallway at Franklin Regional High School when she saw suspect Alex Hribal, a sophomore, running down the hall. "I thought there was some roughhousing going on," she recalled to NBC News.

School stabbing: students saw blood everywhere

"When I turned, I saw a kid gushing blood, and when I turned the other way I saw blood all over the walls and floor," she said to NBC News.

"And then I looked again and I saw [Alex Hribal] running and he had a knife in each hand," she said, added the report.

"Beard said she was left in the hallway, which was eerily almost empty, and saw Hribal fiddling with the fire alarm, which was reportedly triggered by another student during the mayhem. She said the two made eye contact and then the boy ran off," added Beard.

"He said, 'Help, I'm hurt," added NBC News.

"Beard said that when the students were evacuated, she had to be pulled away from her friend," added NBC News. "The FBI interviewed her and other students, so she did not go to the hospital, but she said family have told her that while he lost a kidney in the attack, he is expected to pull through." added the report.

"I'm still in shock," she said to NBC. Alex Hribal was charged Wednesday evening with two dozen felony counts and is being charged as an adult. Staten Island parents and teachers, tell us your reactions to the senseless stabbings. Should schools be allowed to operate without metal detectors? Please let us know your opinions and feedback!

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