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JJ: “SDU: She Doesn’t Understand. Yo, she doesn’t understand our schedule. Yo baby girl, she doesn’t understand how hard our job is.”

Morgan: “I do not sound like that.”

“What Happens in Mecklinburg…” takes “Criminal Minds” back to the good ole days of college, and by that I mean where terrible things go down at a frat party. There is a great fake out during this episode, and that is that the unsub is being motivated by the death of a kid at a frat party. The team pursues this potential connection by investigating the frat, Beta Sigma Delta, where the death happens. As it turns out, a lot of terrible things happened at that frat.

There’s nothing a like better than an episode where the unsub’s identity isn’t revealed until the team actually discovers something. It keeps the mystery alive. There are some scenes in the beginning showing the unsub, Sheila, torturing her victims. The first couple of scenes are not really all that necessary. Nothing exciting happens in them, and it isn’t until Trevor says, “I’ve told you all I know” that things really get interesting. Still, the writers did a good job tackling the unsub scenes, both of Sheila torturing people, and also her scenes saying goodbye to Lauren.

Another nice thing about the episode is that because Sheila’s identity isn’t revealed until after the team makes some headway, we actually get to focus more on the team aspect. There are multiple interrogations. Reid actually uses the ‘close your eyes and remember that night” trick, which is great because typically JJ is the one to do it. Hopefully this means that the writers are realizing that the best aspect of “Criminal Minds” is the BAU and not the psychotic killers. Personally, I love the episodes where the entire time isn’t spent following around the unsub.

Morgan gets the personal storyline of the episode. We pick up with him and his lovely girlfriend Savannah. Sadly, it’s hard to tell how much time has passed since we saw them last. Savannah has only been in one episode before, so they are still a new couple to us. However, Morgan is at the SDU point, according to JJ. It is nice to see them have a little pow wow about this, and JJ really kicks him into gear. That being said, it would have been nice to see Morgan chat with another team member about this, so we could work on expanding the team’s dynamic a bit.

What did you think of the episode? Are you a fan of Morgan and Savannah? It might just be me, but if I saw a fraternity had a thing for pigs and pig masks, I would be a little concerned. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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