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You might have heard the lively guitar-ridden music that comes out of Angola. Or perhaps you just love to workout to lively music with a great syncopated African beat.

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  • If that is the case, you will love the dance classes that are now offered at Roda Movements Dance Studio in Takoma Park. Soukous (Soo-Koos) and Semba (Sehm - bah) classes are the two dance styles taught, with emphasis on fun and movement.

    Soukous originated from the Cuban rhumba music in the Belgian and French Congo. This dance mixes kwasa-kwasa and zouk for a unique moement of a winding of the waist and moving of the feet (this is also great exercise and a fantastic tummy-fat whittler). It is usually an individual dance and a wonderful way to workout.

    Semba is more of a dance of partners. Sometimes the male leads, and sometimes the woman does. The tempo of the music is usually pretty fast-paced yet sensual.

    The classes are a lively affair with the instructors, Brayo Judah, Kevin B and Kiandat keeping things interesting with their commentary. Occasionally they will have a live drummers play while you learn how to dance.

    Classes are usually on Tuesdays from To get more information about the classes, email or You can also visit the Roda Movements website or call (301) 920-0913.

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