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By any reading of the facts, it was a heinous crime with a hammer.

Marissa Devault was found guilty of first degree murder this week in the 2009 hammer-bludgeoning death of her husband. She sat expressionless as the verdict was read.

Now the same jury that took five days to reach its verdict will decide if the Arizona woman lives or dies.

, Devault would become the third woman on death row in Arizona if the jury decides on death following the two-month trial.

A hearing set for today will establish whether there were "aggravating factors" in the case, which will determine whether Devault is eligible for a death sentence, AP reports.

Prosecutors say Devault killed Dale Harrell in a failed bid to collect on a life insurance policy to repay about 0,000 in loans from her boyfriend.

Harrell, 34, suffered multiple skull fractures in the January 2009 attack at the couple's home in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert. He died nearly a month later at a hospice because of complications from his head injuries, according to AP.

Devault, a former stripper, says she killed her husband in self-defense and told investigators he had physically and sexually abused her in the past, AP reports.

The case had many salacious elements, including testimony about plots to hire a hit man and the fact that Devault was a former stripper who met her boyfriend on a sugar-daddy dating website.

But the judge in the case made extensive efforts to keep the trial from becoming the spectacle that enveloped the Jodi Arias case in the same courthouse a year ago.

So should this wife get life or death?

Tell us.

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