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On April 4, 2014, The National Political Rebuttal Examiner reported that Phil Elmore, a contributor to WorldNetDaily, had insisted that liberals and gays were going to murder conservatives.

Elmore formed this conspiracy theory out of the fact that the LGBT community has freedom of speech in America, and exersized it by calling out Mozilla CEO Brenden Eich for his financial contributions to the Proposition 8 campaign.

Evidently, Elmore didn't like having his wingnut schilling for the American Taliban pointed out. As of the publication of this article, he has released over sixty Tweets attacking me.

And not a damn one of them was actually about anything that was said in the column.

Do you feel your credibility as an unpaid, unedited blogger is harmed by your being a painfully unfunny furry and/or brony?

How long have you believed yourself to be a werewolf, Michael?

I'm still haunted by his "Last Comic Standing" audition tape. There are snuff films that get more laughs.

It's cute that you think your unpaid, unreviewed, poorly written blogs matter. Don't wolf out on us now, son.

Hey, if you're out and proud with your giant squirrel suit, who are we to criticize?

Why would an unpaid blogger who thinks he's a werewolf expect reasoned debate? All you do is bleat insults, Mikey.

He went from out & proud to ashamed of his laundry pretty quick. Makes you wonder how many marmot suits he owns.

You being a furry speaks directly to your ability to judge others' connection to reality. In other words, you're a pervy weirdo.

So, just to recap, Michael, given that you're more or less "out" as a furry, do you feel this harms your [meager] credibility?

Don't worry, Michael. That's just what reality looks like to people who spend their days fantasizing about werewolves.

You poor thing. Would be more comfortable shouting "Crazy! Crazy! Psychopath! American Taliban! American Talibannnnnn!" ...?

Why did you leave Bridgewater after only two years, btw? Things with their football mascot not work out?

First, a little clarification: The constant stream of werewolf comments stem from my participation in a group called The Pack, a project started by Anthony Brownrigg to brainstorm ideas for his movie Freeborn, since 2004. This, of course, was before the Tea Party and the American Taliban decreed that everything be treated as a partisan political topic.

Apparently, Phil Elmore doesn't just have trouble understanding that, just because conservatives aren't murdering liberals, that doesn't mean liberals are going to murder conservatives. He is also unable to understand the difference between wanting to be something and just wanting to see a halfway decent movie about it for once.

No comment on the rest of Elmore's Twitter tantrum; it's all fairly self-explanatory. Barring the (hopefully) unnecessary clarifications that not all bronies are sex perverts, of course.

But the important thing is this: Over sixty tweets in response to the NPR column, but not a single one of which was actually about the column.

It would be funny if Joseph Farah and WorldNetDaily were not allowing this mentally deficient manchild to semi-successfully masquerade as a serious journalist.

Just as I did with James David Manning when he threatened to sue me, I will address Mr. Elmore directly since I have now been made aware that he is reading:

This thing that you are reading right now is what is known as a column. And at the bottom of this page is a blank space you can fill out should you desire to express yourself about the contents of said column. That is called the comments section.

This is a link to the column about your claim that a "progressive mind-control mob" is trying "to establish thoughtcrime" and hasn"haven't yet worked up the courage to murder" conservatives. It also has a comments section.

If you wish to use either of them, feel free. The only criteria is that your comments must actually be about the content of the columns.

Getting a massive stick up your butt and screaming your head off about everything BUT what the columnist said about you, however, does not make you a journalist. Instead, it makes you comparable to Peter Griffin.

In other words: Grow up. If you are going to get completely bent out of shape every single time anyone ever questions what you write, you should take care in the future to only write things that are not 100% indefensible.

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